September 29, 2012

outfit post_ hyde park

photos taken by avraam and DiChri

As a proper new resident of London, one of my first stop to this city was Hyde Park, just on a perfect Sunday with sun and nice temperature... We enjoy the place by laying on the grass and laughing... Although somebody's really missing, I think everything is ready to welcome him...;-)

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  1. Nice outfit girl!!You are so lucky to be living in London...I've been there and it's a great city!!


  2. τέλεια...!
    ...ξαπλώνουμε στο γρασίδι και γελάμε.. μα πόσο όμορφο..
    φαίνεται πως τα περνάτε ήδη τέλεια.. :-)
    φιλιά σε όλους σας!!!

  3. To Hyde park einai akoma pio omorfo otan exei kai ligo ilio stin Agglia...Love your shades- perfect!!!


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