August 20, 2012

outfit post_ havaianas' story

When it is summer the only think you want is to feel comfortable and cool! So nothing more predictable than a pair of havaianas! They are so easy-to-wear and it is excused to company every hour of your day!

This t-shirt is my bf's and I want to put it permanently into my wardrobe, but I haven't found yet the way to convince him that "you know... it's better on me than on you...", thing that is not true, but you know... I have to support my side...hihihi!

How was you weekend??  A new week starts... Hope it brings some good news for everyone...

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  1. Cute outfit!! Really like it!

  2. I follow you from now on Maybe you can follow me too
    xoxo Malina

  3. so beautiful! Adore your blog! Just started following you, would love if you had a look at mine if your interested
    Great post!


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