June 29, 2012

outfit post_ basic colors [minus] yellow

I was out of town for the last 4 days and it was quite refreshing for me! I will upload some insta-photos from this break later..

Now, I have to organize my vacations and I am really confused about the place... And of course, I wanna visit one of the Greek islands, as I think there is no better destination than these during the summer! But, which one of them..? Have you ever visited a Greek island, which was that and what is your experience on it? Pleaseeeeee, give me some information..!

These photos are taken last weekend and I found them kind of pop! I love this style during the summer... 

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  1. Love all the red white and blue! I want to go to Greece so badly, it is definitely one of my top travel picks! Have a fun time!


  2. Πραγματικα υπεροχη!

    Σε περιμενω στο δικο μου μπλογκ



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