May 13, 2012

'why I should be the next whatstrend blogger'

Whatstrend is a blog network that aims to promote the personal style of some bloggers. The streetstyle and the every day life’s style is the keyword for its existence. From the first time I got familiar with this network, I realized that I could be a suitable member of it and now I have the chance to make a try to become one. Whatstrend blog and cottds with Cindy organize a competition in order to find a new member for the network  (for more details take a look at
After following the whatstrend blog for a long time, I considered myself the perfect person to represent the Athenian streetstyle, as it is for me in every day life, from school, to work, to a stroll at the park or the sea. The simple, chic style with the architectural lines, escorting by edgy trends that are easily wearable by anyone, I think that are some of the attributes that illustrate my sense of style. There are many blogs that are more similar to magazines’ editorials and they promote a more exaggerated sense of style and living that have less to do with the reality. Whatstrend blog, personally speaking, seems to enjoy encouraging a style that everybody can adopt in order to look more comfortable and at the same time, fabulous and fashionable. This point of view is what really expresses myself and my blog, and what has surprised me when I have first discovered fashion blogs.  Style and trends function as options to people so as to be able to express themselves. Every piece of clothing that makes us look elegant and beautiful is the perfect piece for wearing, no matter if it isn’t expensive, trendy or brandnamed, or we don’t have the flawless body, with the long legs and the slim silhouette. The diversity of personalities illustrates the different styles. There is one for each and everyone of us…!
For all those reasons mentioned above, I believe that could be an ideal member of whatstrend blog. I have the willingness to work hard to become better and amend my blog in order to keep it up to date and constitute a trip to my life and my sense of style.. Hope to be among the 5 finalists!

So wish me good luck my friends! 

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  1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, I hope you get it because you really deserve it! I love your blog :D


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