November 16, 2011

The fashion room service - Athens (2nd edition )

The Fashion Room Service Athens 2nd Edition from OZON magazine on Vimeo.

Today I attended a fashion event called "The fashion room service - Athens (2nd edition)" that, as you may understood from the video above, 18 designers were hosted in 18 rooms that used as showrooms.  Fresh and innovative ideas were spread all over the place. Some of them, that really intrigued me, are posted here... Hope you 'll enjoy it!!


I think I felt in love with this beautiful collar and this gorgeous knit... I crave them...

I found this installation exquisite! The attention to details and the "windy" fabrics are really interesting as designing principles. 

RIEN by Penny Vomva ( )

From the entrance to the room imagination seemed to be present. A basket full of skeins ends to a huge needle, placed on the bed... wow!
As it is expected, beautiful bags and clothes were made by these tools... My friend Evi and I feel strongly attracted to these fantastic bags... Soft leather and zippers as ending detail make a super combination.. the last photo of those is a sample of different colors to combine in order to make your unique bag.. respect..!

μπορντ / ντε λό  )

A wild and quite primitive expression in a ring... No comments on the brand name..!

georginaskalidi )

Last but not least, a set of triangle bags made of leather or fabric.

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