June 26, 2011

New In_I am still alive...!!

I think it's been a long time ago that I posted something in my blog and I am very sad for that, but I had a lot of work to do that I haven't even now finished with it...However, on friday I had a break for shopping and this is my new in love... It's a leather black bag with a detail of linen, which gives to it an interesting variety of materials.
I am excited about this purchase and I couldn't wait to wear it, so today I found the perfect reason to match it with my new turquoise shirt, when I went for a coffee with my best friend natasa who also took the pictures of me...!hope you like it...!!!ciao!!


  1. love the bag so much sweetie!!!
    if you ever get tired i'll glad to take it
    hihihi :) kisses

  2. I 'll keep it in my mind sweetheart....if there 'll be any chance!!!!;P....happy you like it!!!many many kisses!!!!


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